NEW!  It's that time again! Holiday recipes
from Lili' s collection of Christmas specialties.

NEW!  Find your roots. Inspired by the Television series
Biega roots explores the origins
of Biega families around the world.

View slides showing how to easily improve your photos, and upload them to albums on your computer.
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70 years have passed since the Warsaw Uprising!
First hand account of the many events in Warsaw to honor those who gave their lives in a brave attempt to gain freedom from the Nazi occupiers.

Photos taken at the 70th Uprising ceremonies,

Have you wondered why there is so much trouble between Ukrainians and Russians?
Ukrainian timeline explains it to you.
A short review of 12 centuries of complex history.

What are Data Clouds? Should you use them?
Click here to find out.
Also slide show

Story of women who have had a great influence
on history through the centuries.

Story of brave women
fighting to protect their homes and homeland
throughout history.

3D Printing - A Technical Revolution
Printing human body parts - no longer science fiction.
Also a Slide show.

Comparative timeline of Civilizations,
See the progress of mankind through time and around the world.

Buy "Made in USA"
and do your part to reduce unemployment.
Includes many links to American manufacturers.

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Biega families
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