NEW!  It's not too late to make some typical Polish dishes for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year.
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By the way, these recipes easy to make, will be enjoyed at any time of the year

Make Greeting Cards,
See SLIDE SHOW to learn how to save money, while showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

Remembering George Ivers,
a prolific and talented Polish artist, who lived in New Jersey.
See the gallery with examples of his work in 7 different media.

Click The Vernal Equinox
to learn how this has been celebrated in various cultures. It also establishes the time of the Hebrew celebration of Passover, and the Christian celebration of Easter.

Find your roots. Biega roots explores the origins of Biega families around the world.

Learn how to easily improve your photos, and upload them to albums on your computer.
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Have you wondered why there is so much trouble between Ukrainians and Russians?
Ukrainian timeline explains it to you.
A short review of 12 centuries of complex history.

Story of women who have had a great influence on history through the centuries.

Story of brave women fighting to protect their homes and homeland throughout history.

Comparative timeline of Civilizations,
See the progress of mankind through time and around the world.

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Biega families
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