NEW!  The most successful Winter Olympics for Poland.
A tribute to the athletes at the Sochi contests.

Tasty Polish dish Paszteciki ,
traditional Christmas side dish that may be served any time.
Recipe useful for utilizing left-over cooked meat.

What are Data Clouds? Should you use them?
Click here to find out.
Also slide show

Story of women who have had a great influence
on history through the centuries.

Story of brave women
fighting to protect their homes and homeland
throughout history.

3D Printing - A Technical Revolution
Printing human body parts - no longer science fiction.
Also a Slide show.

Comparative timeline of Civilizations,
See the progress of mankind through time and around the world.

Buy "Made in USA"
and do your part to reduce unemployment.
Includes many links to American manufacturers.

Act now to end senseless killings,
Ban automatic weapons.

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Biega families
all over the world.

History, Genealogy, Opinions