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Truth behind 2012 election campaign lies

In any advertising or propaganda it is normal to emphasize positive facts, to hide negatives. However, deliberate lies in advertising or in company reports are unlawful, lies in written statements about a person are considerd slanderous. In both cases legal action may be taken against the perpertrator.

Political propaganda seems to be free of restraints. Now that companies and political organizations are permitted to spend huge amounts of money on political advertising, we are being bombarded on the air-waves, in print, on the Internet, by propaganda in support of all candidates running in the 2012 elections. Unfortunately, they reveal little about concrete plans of the candidates.
Instead, the donors are spending millions of dollars to deride the past performance and reputation of the opponents. Lofty promises for the future are not backed up with any real numbers.

In 2010 the US Supreme Court allowed unlimited political spending by unions and corporations. Through August 23, 2012, the Super PACs (Political Action Committees), organized to take advantage of this ruling, have spent over 211 million dollars on advertising and other political support activities on behalf of Presidential and Congressional candidates!

    The five largest contributors are
  1. Miriam & Sheldon Adelson through their Las Vegas Sands, Corp. and Adelson Drug Clinic - $36mill, 100% to Republicans.
  2. Total of all Trade Unions - $21mill, 92% Demcrats, 8% Republicans.
  3. Harold Simmons through Contran Corp. - $18mill, 100% Republicans.
  4. Robert Perry through Perry Homes - $14mil, 100% Republicans.
  5. Goldman Sachs - $4.8mill, 71% Republicans, 29% Democrats

Many statements by politicians and in advertising by the parties and the Super PACs, to say the least, stretch the truth. The following tabulation lists some of the most recent statements and the actual facts collected from independent sources:

Mitt Romney has not paid any taxes in 10 years
Sen. Harry Reid
No evidence exists to support this statement. However, Romney could clarify situation by following example of his father and all Presidential candidates since 1972, releasing 10 years of tax statements. Even some Republicans wonder what he wants to hide.
Romney criticized Obama for cuts in benefits for seniors by taking $735 billion from Medicare funds to help pay for the president's health care law.
Speech, Greer, SC, 8/16/2012
The Affordable Care Act achieves savings in the Medicare program through payment reforms, service delivery innovations, and increased reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse. The actual projected reduction in Medicare spending is largely a result of reducing overpayments to private Medicare plans that have been paid more than traditional Medicare. ACA actually adds some additional benefits to Medicare.
CBO estimates these savings at $716 billion for period 2013-2022. Congressional Budget Office Report Aug 2012
Unemployment in Bush Administration was 4.6%
Now in Obama Administration it is 8.3%
Republican ads Aug 2012
Misleading presentation. Facts: In Bush administration unemployment grew from 4.0% to 7.8%
At start of Obama administration unemployment continued to increase to 10.0% until Stimulus Legislation took effect in Oct 2009, then decreased to present 8.3% (July 2012). Bureau of Labor Statistics

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