Part 2 - The U.S. Census of 1930
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About Missing Records.

    During my study of the Census files at, it became obvious that many records were missing. In some cases the name "Biega" had been misspelled in the original Census records. By searching with various possible spellings, I found some of them, and was able to verify that I had found the correct records by comparing birthdate and other data with records in the Census of other years. Others could not be found, although from other available information I knew that a Biega family had been resident in the area at the time of the census. The reasons have been given in the introduction to Part 1. It is also possible that the original census pages had been lost or misplaced at the time that performed the scanning.
    The fact that approximately 20% of the "Biega" records are missing from the 1920 and 1930 Census (based on information from other sources) raises a serious concern about the accuracy of American statistics regarding relative percentages of immigrants of central European origin in the overall population.

   Although a couple of "Biega" records came up with other national origin than Poland, it appears that they may be the result of misspellings in the Census. For example, the records show that there are many families in the U.S.A. of Italian, Spanish or Mexican origin with the name "Bega", "Biegi" or "Biagi".

    New records for 1930 start with the reference number "100". Any records with a lower number indicate that these entries were also in the 1910 or 1920 Census, and are now updated.

    I will appreciate any inputs with new information about any "Biega " families living in the United States, or for that matter anywhere else in the world. Please write to me.

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Extract from 1930 Census files showing records with surname "Biega"
refFirst NameTypeBornStateBorn InFather Born InMother Born InArrivedWorkNotes
Connecticut - Wallingford
101 Victor head 1888m@22Poland Poland Poland 1909nat proprietor
heating store
owns home
102 Mary wife 1893m@17Poland Poland Poland 1906 saleslady grocery
103 Mary E. daughter 1912s NewJerseyPoland Poland stenotypistnursery
104 Carolina daughter 1914s Conn
105 Joseph E son 1915 s Conn
106 Stanley G son 1918 s Conn
107 Victor? son 1921 s Conn
Connecticut - Montville - New London
110 Stephen head 1898 m9yr Poland Poland Poland 1913nat weaverowns home
111 Lessie wife 1897 m9yrPolandPolandPoland1912 al none
112 Frank Json 1922 s NY PolandPoland
Illinois - Chicago - 415 Chapin Street
120 Albert head 1867m@25Poland Poland Poland 1903 retired
121 Angelina wife 1876m@19 Poland Poland Poland 1905 none
122 Walter son 1908s IL Poland Poland factory labor
123 Julia daughter 1913s IL Poland Poland factory labor
124 Mary daughter 1917s IL
125 Bernard son 1918s IL
Michigan - Wyandotte
130 Anthony boarder 1892s Russia Russia Russia 1913 laborer
Michigan - Chicago
131 Albertboarder1880divPolandPolandPoland1920natlabor-auto factory
New Jersey - Perth Amboy - Middlesex County - 175 Hall Ave.
002 Walter head 1882m24yPoland Poland Poland 1900natautomechanicowns home
140 Prasheda? wife 1884m19yPoland Poland Poland 1902nat saleslady
004 Angelina daughter 1908s NJ Poland Poland bookkeeperdoctor's office
005 Helen daughter 1910s NJ Poland Poland saleslady
141 Andrew son 1911s NJ Poland Poland
142 John brother 1890s Poland Poland Poland 1912natproprietor print shop
New Jersey - Warren - Union county
150 Julia servant 1883m@27Poland Poland Poland 1900 servantHorowitz
151 Jennie servant 1912s NJ Poland Poland servant
New Jersey - Union City
027 Katherine head* 1862m@21 NY Germany? Germany? none*1st husband
2nd - F. Meyer
026 Eleanordaughter 1886m@35NY - - married to Beraly?
New Jersey - Bound Brook - Somerset County
153 Charlesboarder1880sItalyItalyItaly1904natlaborer
Pennsylvania - Aliquippa - Beaver County
200 Joseph head 1906m@22 PA Poland Poland Setter
Tube mill
201 Anna wife 1910m@18 PA Poland Poland none
202 Phyllis daughter 1929s PA
Pennsylvania - Washington - Fayette county( south of Pittsburgh)
205 Casper head 1878m@28Poland Poland Poland 1902nat coal miner
206 Bessie wife 1872m@21Poland Poland Poland 1904nat none
207 John son 1911s PA Poland Poland coal miner
Pennsylvania - Chewton - Lawrence County (north of Beaver Falls)
011 Helen head 1900div
PA Austria Germany noneowns home
012 Anthony brother 1903s PA Austria Germany foreman
014 Carl brother 1907s PA Austria Germany construction
213 Felix brother 1911s PA Austria Germany construction
214 Mary sister 1914s PA Austria Germany
215 Victoria sister 1918.s PA Austria Germany
234 Steve son 1917s Pa Poland Poland
220 Albert head 1895m@30Austria Austria Austria 1922Coal minerowns home
221 Victoria wife 1902m@23Austria Austria Austria 1922 none
222 Jennie daughter 1925s Pa Austrian Austria
223 Albert Jr son 1928s PA Austrian Austrian
Pennsylvania - Zeleniople - Butler County (east of Beaver Falls)
225 Tony - Domicile 1904s PA Poland Austria Foreman
Pennsylvania - Northumberland - Northumberland County - (just north of Sunbury)- Queen Street?
230 John B. Head 1883m@35 Poland Poland Poland 1900natlaborer dye worksowns house speak Ukrainian
231 Mary wife 1895m@23 Poland Poland Poland 1913alien none
232 Mike son 1913s pa Poland Poland
233 William son 1915s PA
Pennsylvania - Bethlehem - Northumberland county
239 Jose lodger1989 s Portugal Portugal Portugal 1913 alsteel mill
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
240 John head 1892m@23Poland Poland Poland 1910 weaver
textile mill
241 Ewa wife 1896m@21Poland Poland Poland 1910 none
242 Pearl daughter 1917s PA Poland Poland
243 Mary daughtr 1919s PA Poland Poland
244 Anna daughter 1921s PA Poland Poland
245 Olga daughter 1924s
West Virginia - Wheeling - Eoff Street (records were misspelled Brega!)
050 Albert head 1886m18y Poland Poland Poland 1913 natcoalminer owns home
051 Pauline wife 1890m18y Poland Poland Poland 1914 al none
052 Mary daughter 1919 s Pa
250 Laura daughter 1921 s WV
251 Joseph son 1920 s WV
252 John son 1924 s WV
253 Louis son 1926 s WV
254 Theresa daughter 1928 s WV
Texas - Panna Maria - Karner County
300 Jezus head 1899 m2yrs Texas Mexico Mexico farm labor
301 Paula wife 1912 m2yrs Texas Texas Texas - none

In Canada,
Krzysztof Biega came to Toronto from Dębna, near Sanok, 16 years ago.
Ron Biega's webpage. His father came to Canada from Sanok via Soviet prison camps and Gen Ander's Second Corps of the Polish Army, which fought at Monte Cassino.
In Australia Stanisław Biega has created a large family.

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