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Wawel - Castle, Wawel Courtyard, St. Mary's Church, St. Mary's Altar, Cloth Market - Sukiennice, Old University, Barbican, Florian Gate,

First viewTop
First view of the Royal Castle. The Cathedral towers above the entrance road.

Wawel yardTop
The courtyard of the Wawel castle.

St. Mary'sTop
St. Mary's Church. The Hejnal is sounded every hour from the balconies on the upper tower.

The altar of St. Mary's carved by Wit Stwosz.

Cloth Market Hall in the Rynek. Town Hall tower in background.

Old UniversityTop
Courtyard of the Old University.

Barbican. Once guarded the bridge over the moat.

Florian GateTop
Florian Gate. The only one remaining of the several gates in the walls.

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