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Experiences of a Fighter in Polish Resistance WWII
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13 Is My Lucky Number
Story of fighter in Warsaw Uprising in WW II

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Experiences of a Fighter in the Warsaw Uprising of World War II

"Thirteen Is My Lucky Number" is a book about life in Warsaw under Nazi occupation, the Uprising against the Nazis. Then life in prison camp, escape to the American Army, working as a Liaison Officer.

At the beginning of the occupation in 1939, the high schools are closed by the Germans. But teachers continue teaching students in small groups gathered in apartments. The Jews were first required to wear yellow stars of David, then they were moved into a crowded working class district, shipped to extermination camps, finally those remaining were crushed and buried in the blazing rubble of the Ghetto.

It is also the story of organizing resistance to the occupier and of the final battle for freedom, doomed to failure by the political events of the time. Also there is a love story with a happy ending. The young lovers miraculously survive the battle and prison camp and eventually reach America to create a new life.

For the full story of the Warsaw Rising, read the new book "Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw" by the celebrated historian Norman Davies - with many photos and maps.
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See the Warsaw Rising Museum web site with many photos. If you go to Poland, you should visit the Museum and see themany outstanding exhibits.

Also see the web page with photos, video clips and songs of the resistance fighters.
For still more sources of information about Poland and Warsaw under German occupation, go to this index.

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Read some excerpts from the book:
  1.  Life under Nazis  Survival; Holocaust.
  2.  Uprising starts Preparations; "W" Hour.
  3.  Insurgents' wedding 
  4.  Six weeks later  we are decimated.
  5.  Escape   from prison camp to freedom.
  6.  In America  Fort Wayne,IN; Deerfield,IL.

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The Dramatic True Story of a Polish Resistance Fighter
by Bill C. Biega
Hardcover, 328 pages, maps, photographs, bibliography
Published by Syrena Press; ISBN: 157087204X

Resistance fighters at the barricades wedding
August 13, Wedding of resistance fighters

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