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map Our walk starts at the north end of the Royal Trail, at the Barbican. We will proceed along Florianska Street to the Rynek - the main square. Then we will visit a couple of churches and the University. The second part will continue to the ancient royal castle Wawel. From there we will go to the old Jewish quarter Kazimierz.
For more details of all the sights go to the full Guide of the walk. Keep it open in a second window for continual reference.

Barbican built in 1498 is one of the two remaining city fortifications. Immediately behind it stands the Florian Gate built in 1300. The green lawns and colorful flower-beds of the wooded park stretches to the left and right around the city in place of the earlier walls and moat.
The Cloth Hall Sukiennice stands in the center of the Market Square (Rynek) .
Leaving the Hall by its southern entrance, we look to the left to look at the city's landmark St. Mary's Church. From the galleries of its tallest tower a lone trumpeter plays the heynal every hour.
Enter the church through one of its doors decorateed with busts of famous Poles. View the breathtaking main altar when it's opened at noon.
In the Rynek carriages wait to take you if you are tired (no autos allowed).
The tower in the rear is all that remains of the old town-hall.
Close by, visit the Jagellonian University founded in 1364. Look up at the ornate ceiling above the balcony that surrounds the magnificent courtyard.
At noon figures of Rectors circle around the clock above the door to the library.
The street is so narrow it is difficult to get a good look at the austere Gothic exterior of the old university
Then we return to the Rynek where am ensemnble in traditional Cracovian peasant costume will entertain us as we take some refreshment at one of the many restaurants that surround the square.

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