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LATEST UPDATE - April 11, 2017.
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     My grandfather, John Biega arrived in America in 1907. He was born 1881 in Dziewietniki, a village about 23 miles (48km) south of Lwów in Galicia, at that time a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since the partition of Poland in the late 18th century.
My grandfather's father Matthew was born in the early 1850s and had two brothers, Anton, and Ivan. My grandfather was one of six children. He had five siblings (Theodore 1873), Katarina (1878), Vasyl (1884), Michola (1886) and Michylo (1892). I have general information that one or more of my grandfather's siblings settled in Philadelphia but, have not been able to recover any information to support that speculation.
He returned to his village in 1910 to bring his wife Mary (Skrutt) Biega of Austrian descent back to America. They lived in Northumberland, central Pennsylvania, where he worked as a Dyer in a textile mill. He became a citizen of the United States in 1926.John Biega Naturalization
They had three sons - Michael, William and Stephen. Mary died in the influenza epidemic of 1918. Shortly afterwards John remarried, also Mary, but they had no more children

     Michael Biega, born 1912, was a Chef at the original Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Then he owned a restaurant in Brooklyn New York and semi-retired as the Head Chef at the New Jersey State Police Academy. Michael lived in Lakewood, N.J.
     William Biega, born 1914, until recently, lived in Central Pensylvania in the town of Sunbury. He served in the Army, in the Pacific, under General McArthur and was his personal MP body guard for a time. William, a 32nd Degree Mason, was one of two principles of King Construction in Sunbury. He married Arlene Keyser. He died in 2006 at the age of 91.
     The youngest son Stephen, born in 1916, is my father. My mother is Gladys Musser, whose parents were Robert Musser and Elsie Snyder.

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Here are some pictures. Then there will be more about my family.
The oldest picture is the wedding of my grandfather John and grandmother Mary, about 1911 in Northumberland, Pa.
The second picture shows my grandfather with his second wife Mary on his right, and my uncle William's wife Arlene
 John & Mary John & Mary 2
On the left is my grandfather John holding grandson Mike, grandson John standing (that's me).

In the center Stephen, the youngest son, my father.

On the right my grandmother on my mother's side, Elsie Snyder Musser.
grandfather with 2 sons father Stephen Elsie Musser
My mother Gladys Musser had a twin sister, Eleanor, who is on the right in this picture

My Uncle Bill

Uncle Bill and Arlene
Musser twins Uncle William Uncle Bill&Arlene
 My father with his 2 brothers,
Michael in the middle, Bill on the right

Baby John with parents, 1940

Three generations
Michael & John with parents, grandfather John in background (1945)
3 Biega brothers Baby John 3 generations
 Uncle Mike in Florida in 1954

I am standing behind my brother Mike, 1960

Robert Musser (on left) and a friend, both officers of the court.
Uncle Mike 1954 brothers John and Mike 1960 brothers John and Mike 1963
 Here I am ready to return to my Coastguard ship in the Sixties.

And here I am in 2011.
John in CG John in 2010
Here is my wonderful wife Juliana.
She also enjoys kayaking with her children and playing games with them.
She is also a good catcher!
Juliana Juliana & kids Juliana

      My father Stephen Biega was employed by the Northumberland County (Pennsylvania) Court as Court Clerk My father was employed for many years as a clerk in the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury Pennsylvania. During World War II he served in the US Navy. He was part of the crew on amphibious landing craft transporting troops from ship to shore and participated in many of the major campaigns in the Pacific. After my mother Gladys died, he remarried and lived in Naples, Florida, until he died in 1991.

     I was born in Sunbury, PA, in 1940, and have a younger brother Michael, born in 1943.

      I4/2/2017 3:41PM live in Massachusetts with my wife Juliana Biega. I graduated from University of Baltimore with a Juris Doctor and Coppin State College with a Master of Education. I have been in the private practice of law for 20 years. I am an avid tennis player, swim daily, sail, roller blade and read a lot.
     My wife, Juliana, is a graduate of Boston University, with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a graduate of the Southern New England School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. She works with me. She is an excellent swimmer, and enjoys the game of tennis.
      We had three children. Alex born in 2001, currently (2017) a junior in High School, is an avid ice hockey and baseball player. Kaitlin, (b. 1994), is beautiful and tall like her mother and making her way in the world. She visits home freqently.

      Our middle child, Wyatt (b, 1997) was tragically killed at age 19, January 6 - 2016. While crossing the street on a cross-walk, , he was hit by an elderly driver, who should never have been allowed to drive at night.
      Wyatt was 6'4" (1,93m.) tall and possessed a wise, soft, kind, sensitive soul, which led to his being referred to by many, as "Quiet Wyatt". His personal qualities made him uniquely different from most people of his age, as was demonstrated by many different individuals affected by the tragic loss of his presence. The photo was taken at Thanksgiving before his tragic death.
     At age 16 he was introduced to abstract art by the Curator of the Cultural Center, who caught the brothers skateboarding on the property. Wyatt was so impressed, that he borrowed his father's oils and started experimenting, The picture which has survived shows the talent that he possessed.

Wyatt Biega Wyatt's abstract
CLICK to enlarge to full size.

    I have no information on the direction of geographical migration of my great-grandfather's family family but, have discovered that one of Ivan's descendents, Peter Biega, settled in Canada. His son Alexander Biega, Q.C. and I communicated in the past, and we were able to conclude, based on information received from his family living in the village of Devjatnyky, that we were from the same family tree.
I would appreciate receiving any information from Biega families that may have pursued family records in the geographical area of Devjatnyky in the Ukraine or Poland, or have any further information relative to the people or geographical locations identified in this family profile. They may send information to me through the webmaster of the website. I would like to thank Bill Biega, for his work in preserving the historical information of the family name of Biega. I believe Bill's work to be a very important genealogical contribution to those interested in their family name and history, particularly those interested in doing family history work for their descendants.

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