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Examples of his Paintings, Miniatures, Sculptures..

George Ivers (1922-2001) was an extraordinarily gifted and prolific Polish artist resident in New Jersey.
He is noteworthy for his expertise in a wide variety of media - oil, watercolor, sculpture (metal, wire, papier-mache, porcelain and paper), porcelain miniatures and graphics.
This Gallery provides examples of his work in many different media, created 1950 to 1999.
He came to U.S.A in 1945, after a dangerous wartime experience in prison camps and as a sailor in Atlantic convoys.
He was a designer for Lenox China and later art director at Cybis Porcelains.
Unfortunately his career was cut short by Parkinson's disease.

Ivers 1998 His work may be found in many museums, at the White House, in the Vatican, and in numerous private collections. It is noteworthy that Parkinson's disease started in the early 1980s and gradually grew worse. Nevertheless, he continued with his art work in all media. In the 1990s he strapped weights to his wrists to lower the intensity of his tremors.

His wife, Iris, aided him in arranging for exhibitions, sales of his work. and donations to organizations. In recognition, George always added an "iris flower", wherever appropriate, in his paintings and etchings (see the right hand lower corner of the painting "Adam & Eve" in first row of gallery below.)

Most of the items shown in the Gallery below are from the personal collection of his widow, Iris Ivers.

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From left to right:
"Adam & Eve"

"New York at night"
"Holocaust" (N.J. Holocaust Museum)

"The bather".
Adam & Eve NY at night  Seascape
Girl in meadow

From left to right:

"Rising wave".
"Speeding cyclist"

"Stalag 1941"
"Noah's Ark"

"Trees in winter"
"Girl with dove".
ocean swell
Noah ark
trees in winter
girl with dove
MINIATURES enamel on fragments of porcelain.

From left to right:
"Girl in bonnet"

"Man in rowboat"

"Independence Day "
"Oriental couple".
girl in bonnet with apple
surfer man in rowboat
Oriental couple

From left to right:

"Fantasy" porcelain tile.

"St.George" with"Solidarity" flag
(In Vatican)

Porcelain figure.
Fantasy St.George with Solidarity flag ceramic nude

From left to right:
"Pan",papier-mache figure about 1.2m (4ft tall)

Frog sitting on porcelain turtle

Metal sculpture of cyclist.

From left to right:
Woman with birds, about 1m (3ft) tall.

Two animal figures, larger deer about 1m tall.
woman with birds wire animals
As Parkinson's disease worsened, George found it easier to create sculptures from specially treated paper.
From left to right:
"Balancing act".
"Flapper and Gentleman Caller".

(45cm tall, 18")

musician dancer

From left to right:

Porcelain figure "Harlequin".
Abstract painting

"Garden of Eden" for 2nd.Gen. Holocaust Fund.
"Fun on Ice", one of three paintings used for UNICEF fund-raising Christmas cards

Etching, fundraiser for 2nd. Generation Holocaust Education Fund..
modern nude
garden of eden card
adath israel card

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