PART 2 - South - Pieniny, Debna, Zywiec, Pszczyna
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You might start from Cracow to see some of the lesser known, but beautiful places in Southern Poland, Malopolska. Here are some photos of places you should see - Dunajec River and Pieniny Gorge, Niedzica and Dębno, Stary Sącz, Żywiec, Pszczyna.
Zakopane and the Tatry Mountains are a well publicized tourist destination and are not included here. See South Poland Tour 2002 for more details, places to stay, how to get there.

The Beskidy Range and the Pieniny Gorge are strikingly beautiful, though without high peaks. A ride on a raft piloted by costumed mountaineers is a popular attraction. The ruins of Czorsztyn Castle preside over the lake created by the dam on the Dunajec River.
Photo courtesy Dr. Zbigniew Wolinski

Photo courtesy Marek Wojciechowski
Niedzica castle stands guard over the other end of the Gorge. It is fully restored and houses hotel rooms. Close by see the oldest wooden church in Europe - Dębno, which was built in 1490.
Stary Sącz is a small town with a cobble stone paved Market surrounded by small arcaded houses. Only the parked cars spoil the illusion of being sent back 100 years in time. A huge, walled 13thC. convent dominates the town.
Żywiec is famous for its beer, but also for its market place, beautiful church with richly decorated choir seats and its castle.
Pszczyna is located on the edge of a great park, dominated by the large castle of the Hochberg family, now a museum.
Photo courtesy Marek Wojciechowski

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