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Let's start our tour of Warsaw at Warsaw's largest open square:Plac Pilsudskiego - Pilsudski Square - often used for parades. Along its west side, before World War II, there was a large building in Classic style which housed the Polish Army Headquarters. Destroyed in the war, all that remains is a portion of the central archway.

In it lies the grave of the Unknown Soldier with its eternal flame. The names of battles are engraved on the pillars. A smart honor guard stands there day and night.
Through the grille behind the Unknown Soldier we have a vista of Ogród Saski, the Saxon Garden, Warsaw's oldest public park, established in the 18th. century.
Unknown Soldier Unknown Soldier Unknown Soldier
Located in the very center of the city, it provides a cheerful respite from the hubbub of traffic, while little kids imitate the steps of the honor guard. Over to the left you can see the Zacheta, Fine Arts Institute, and beyond it the tower of the Evangelical Church. Saxon Gardens kids Fine Arts
To the north, the colossal structure of the National Opera and Theater is the dominant feature. The east side of the square is dominated by the venerable Europejski Hotel, Warsaw's most prestigious and luxurious hotel in the first half of the 20th.cent. Go past it and turn left in Krakowskie Przedmiescie, (Cracow Suburb), to see the statue of the poet Mickiewicz and the Carmelite Church Opera Europejski Hotel Mickiewicz
Enough sightseeing. Here are some street scenes. There are a number of deep artesian wells; from which people take home good tasting water. Farmers still sell fresh produce in the streets. Parking has become more difficult. A new police force issues tickets, and there are parking meters everywhere. Public transportation keeps improving. There are many new low-level trams and buses which make it easier for older people to get on and off. The new Metro has only one line so far, but is already popular. Well street vendor issuing ticket parking tram metro


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