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Christmas is the most festive holiday of the year in Poland. There are many traditional dishes that are served on this occasion, and rarely at any other time of the year. At least a month ahead of time, there is great activity in the kitchen. Because traditionally there are twelve dishes served on Christmas Eve, and many guests are expected, there is a lot of work to be done. Fortunately, many dishes can be prepared weeks in advance and, when properly stored, will still be fresh when the Holiday arrives.

As might be expected, there are minor variations from region to region, and even from family to family. The dishes listed below are favorites that have been in Lili's family for generations. Piernik They have been modified to use ingredients that are easy to obtain in North America and Western Europe.
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Piernik - Honey Cake

A rich dessert cake with a chocolate glaze that everybody loves. Stored in a cool place, it will stay fresh for a long time. So you can make this cake well ahead of the Holiday rush.

Rum Baba

Babka z Rumem - Rum Baba

The most common form of Babka is a yeast based cake which has a fairly dense consistency and is typically served at Easter.
The version described here uses self-raising cake-mix and is easy to make. Because of its light, moist, consistency, it can be stored in a cool place for several weeks and will still be fresh.

Grandma's Butter Bowtie Cookies

Buttercookies You'd better make a lot of these! They are so light and tasty, that they disappear like snow on a warm day. They may be decorated with different color sugars, but the most popular are green and red.

Cwibak - Christmas Fruit Cake

Those that like a lot of fruit and nuts in their cake will really enjoy this one. Like the other cakes in this selection, it may be made well ahead of the Christmas rush and stored in a cool place.Fruitcake But it's also easy to make, so can be added at the last minute.

Barszcz - Clear Beetroot Soup (Borscht)

Pronounced BARSHCH - this tasty dish is a must at every Polish Christmas Eve dinner. It is served either in a soup bowl or a large cup.
The recipe also includes a heavier, more hearty version, that is served at any time of the year.

Uszka - "Little Ears" dumplings

Pronounced USH-kah, it is customary to serve these little tortelinni-like dumplings with the Christmas Eve barszcz, either floating in the soup, or as a side dish.


Paszteciki - folded crepes

Pronounced pashte-CHEE -ky - rolled, meat-filled crepes that are traditionally served Christmas Day, but good at any time.

Bigos - Hunters' Stew

A hearty dish loved by everyone, including the harassed housewife (who can prepare it days ahead and relax during the holiday).

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