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Demonstrations against Wall Street are proof of people's frustration. But don't just blame Wall Street, your Congressional Representatives and Senators are equally at fault. Write them, call them, email them, let them know that YOU are frustrated, too.

Don't just whine, YOU, directly or indirectly, have elected these hypocritical representatives and senators to represent you. Unfortunately, many of them, in spite of their promises when seeking your votes, do not represent your interests or serve the needs of the nation. Instead they shamelessly promote policies to benefit the groups and companies that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into their coffers, denying funds for projects already approved by the previous congress, projects which would have provided thousands of jobs.

    For example, organizations opposing efforts to clean up the environment, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink - mainly Mining, Petroleum producing and refining, and chemical industries - have during the last 2 years, donated over $15 million, principally to Republican representatives, including:
  • Michelle Bachmann      $538,000
  • John Boehner     $428,000
  • Eric Cantor     $214,000

When will the Republican party return to its great roots? What would Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, or even Nixon or Reagan, think about the antics of today's super-conservative Republicans?

How far the present day party has departed from these ideals is best depicted by Republican Senate leader McConnell, who in 2009 stated repeatedly in talk shows and during interviews: "The main objective of Republicans in Congress is to oppose any proposals of the Administration and to ensure that Obama cannot be reelected."
Consequently they opposed all measures designed to stimulate the faltering economy and reduce the misery of unemployment, knowing that voters would lose faith in the Democratic Administration if there was no improvement and the number of unemployed remained high. And the strategy was successful, because Republicans gained the majority in the house in 2010. This reminds me of Eastern Europe. After the quiet revolution of 1990 in which the Communists were thrown out in every country, in the next election many ex-communists were re-elected, because voters expecting immediate improvement were unhappy at the slow pace of change!

This writer believed in the traditional Republican ideals of sound fiscal policies and social justice until the Christian Right took over the party, and he voted Republican in every election up to 1996. Ronald Reagan's tax cutting "trickle down" economics were seriously flawed, as their engineer David Stockman later admitted. But, to his credit, Reagan paid for his increased military spending with new taxes. He, or at least his advisers, understood that deficit spending is disastrous in the long term. Today's Republicans have conveniently forgotten that the present huge deficit started with the large tax cuts combined with accelerated military spending of their Congress under George Bush.

    The Tea Party, and their far right compatriots, share many features of the Islamic extremists:
  • They refuse to compromise on any issues, with anyone,
  • They denounce any one who voices any criticism as being "un-American",
  • They are racist, (note the racist overtones of their campaign against Obama),
  • They are against many basic womens' rights,
  • Fortunately, in contrast to the Islam jihadists, they do not advocate actual physical violence, although several Family Planning clinics, providing assistance to women in trouble, have been attacked and murders committed.
It never ceases to amaze me that Hermann Cain and Superior Court Justice Thomas can belong to this camp.

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