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The Sułkowski family - Princes of Rydzyna and Bielsko
Their origin

Sulima herb The Sulkowski family, herb Sulima, originally lived in the village Sułkowo (pronounced sul-KO-voh) in the Mława district 100 km. (60 miles) north of Warsaw. Today it is called Sułkowo Borowe and only a single gatepost remains of the original manor house. Close by there is a wooden church built in 1644. The earliest family records date back to the 16th century. For the first four generations only the oldest son has been recorded. Undoubtedly, in each generation there were other sons and daughters who started new branches of the Sułkowski family for which we have no information..
  1. Paul of Sułkowo, b. 16th. century, married Franciszka Maciejowska.
  2. Jan Sułkowski married Katarzyna Dluska.
  3. Sebastian Sułkowski married Barbara Razyminska.
  4. Stanislaw Sulkowski, b. mid 17th.century, married Elzbieta Szalewska 1694 or 1695. Several sources claim that he gave his name to her son from a liaison with August the Strong, Elector of Saxony (as August Frederick I), who was already planning to obtain the throne of Poland. He was chosen as king August II by the electoral sejm in June 1697. -
         Prince August Sulkowski (?) ALEXANDER JOSEPH SULKOWSKI,  b. 13.03.1695 in Cracow, d. 21-05-1762 in Leszno. Alexander was a favorite companion of August III, son of August II, and was his Minister of State in Saxony from 1733 to 1738. He was created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire in 1733. Elevated to Prince by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in 1752. In 1754 the rights to the title were granted to all his children and their descendants. In 1738 he bought the estates of Rydzyna and Leszno from the exiled ex-king of Poland Stanislaw Leszczynski. In 1752 he bought the castle and estates of Bielsko in Cieszyn Silesia.
    He married Baroness Maria Francis Stein zu Jettingen (b.1712, d.1741) in October 1728. They had four sons and three daughters:.
  1. August Casimir (Kazimierz), b.15.11 1729, d.7.01. 1786. royal Chamberlain, general of the royal army, commander of the Rydzyna infantry regiment, Marshal of the Sejm (Polish parliament)1775-1776.
    He completed his father's work of expanding the Rydzyna castle and created the Sulkowski Foundation. He married Louise Mniszech in 1766, They had no children.
  2. Alexander Antoni, b. 15.10.1730, d. 21.09.1786. General of the royal army 1785. He married Elenor Cetner in 1755, They had no children.
  3. FRANCIS (FRANCISZEK), b. 29.01.1733, d. 22.04.1812. He inherited the Bielsko estates and created the BIELSKO line of the family. See below for more details.
  4. ANTONI PAUL, b. 11.06.1734, d. 16.04.1796. He created the RYDZYNA line and inherited the Sulkowski Foundation estates. See below for more details
  5. Marianna,  b.1728, d.1749. Married Franciszek Jakub Szembek 1747.
  6. Joanna,  b.1736, d.1800. Married Prince Peter Sapieha 1750. No children.
  7. Josepha Petronela,  b. 1737, d. 1756. Married Prince Ignacy Potocki 1753. Two children - Marianna and Alexander Potocki.

The descendants of STANISŁAW  SUŁKOWSKI

This family line, although gentry, do not carry titles of Prince or Duke. Their coat of arms is Sulima.
STANISŁAW  SUŁKOWSKI, owner of the Sułkowo estate, he and his wife Elisabeth Szalewska had four other children:
  1. Antoni,   b. about 1700, d. before 1753
  2. Michael,   b. about 1700, d. 1747. He became a general in the army of Saxony. He never married.
  3. Stanisław,   b.  , d. 1749. He became a priest,in Warsaw.
  4. Elizabeth, married Jakub Łuba, then Kazimierz Nowosielski, children ?
    ANTONI Sułkowski became a colonel in the army of Saxony. he married Rozalia Rauz. They had 6 children:
  1. Stefan, was an army captain in 1740, lt.col in 1773. He married ? Gramlich about 1742. They had no children.
  2. Teodor,  b. 1728, d. 1792. See below.
  3. Kazimierz (Casimir),  b. 1729, d. 1805. Became Lt.colonel of the Polish army 1757, colenel 1770, general 1780. Married Ludwika Przyjemska 1780 ?. No record of children.
  4. Ignacy,   b. 1731?;, d. 1795. He became General of the Polish army 1777. Married Cecile Schiefert 1764. Married Josephine de Fernemont 1790. No record of children.
  5. Helena, married Walenty Zbijewski - no record of children.
    TEODOR Sułkowski became a colonel of army 1777. He married Julia Quelisk about 1772,
    Jozef Sulkowski, adjutant of Napoleon They had one son
  1. Joseph Sułkowski,   b. 17.01,1773, killed 22.10.1798.
    He took part in the Polish-Russian war of 1792 and was one of the first recipients of the newly created order Virtuti Militari. He became a captain of Napoleon's army, fighting in Italy in 1796. He was then appointed adjutant of Napoleon Bonaparte, promoted to Brigadier General. He participated in the Egyptian campaign and was wounded in the Battle of the Pyramids. He was killed near Cairo in a skirmish with insurgents. His name is enscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. He never married.

NOTE!Today there are many Sułkowski families in Poland, Germany, North America, undoubtedly many of them are descendants of some of the above listed.
If you have more information, or corrections, please write to me with full details

    Here are some recent entries found on the Internet:
  • Tadeusz Sułkowski - Poet; b. 15.10.1907 in Skierniewice, Poland; d. 26.07.1960 in London.
    Father: Tadeusz, mother Florentyna Konarska. Studied Polish literature at Warsaw University. In September 1939 wounded in the battle at river Bzura, taken prisoner of war. Partly in Oflag Murnau. After war ended reached the Polish Second Corps in Italy. Several of his poems were printed inthe Corps publications. Demobilized in London, he was manager of the home for Polish artists on Finchley Road, where he lived until his death. Many of his poems were printed in Polish magazines in England. A volume of his poetry was published in Poland in 1980.
  • The RYDZYNA Princes

      Prince ANTONI Sułkowski, colonel of the royal army 1757, general 1762, commander of the Rydzyna infantry regiment 1786, chancellor of the kingdom 1793. He became the head of the Sułkowski Foundation upon the childless death of both his older brothers in 1786.
      He married Countess Marianna Działynska 1766, divorced her 1781. Married Countess Caroline Bubna Littitz 1784. They had one son:
    1. PAUL ANTONI,  b. 31.12.1785 - Leszno, d. 13.04.1836 - Rydzyna.
      Prince Anthony Sulkowski Prince PAUL ANTONI Sułkowski,was colonel of infantry of the Warsaw Principality in 1807, 1808 walczyl w Hiszpanii. Odbyl kampanie moskiewska (1812). Po smierci J. Poniatowskiego (1813) objal przejsciowo dowództwo nad wojskami polskimi. 1814-1818 w wojsku Królestwa Polskiego, general-adiutant cara Aleksandra I. 1827, 1830 i 1835 marszalek Sejmu Wielkiego Ksiestwa Poznanskiegobrigade general 1810, division commander 1815-1818. Married Ewa Kicka (b.1786, d. 1824) 14.01.1898 in Warsaw. They had 5 children:
    1. Taida Caroline, b.1811, d. 1839. She married Count Henry Wodzicki and had one son.
    2. Helen Caroline, b. 1812, d. 1900. She married Count Henry Potocki1833 and had 4 sons and 2 daughters.
    3. Ewa Caroline, b. 1814. She married Count Władysław Potocki 1838 and had 2 daughters.
    4. Teresa Caroline, b.1815, d. 1889. She married Count Henry Wodzicki in 1840 and had 3 sons and 2 daughters.
    5. AUGUST ANTONI,  b.13.12.1820, d.19..,
      Prince AUGUST ANTONI Sułkowski, married Maria Mycielska (b. 1822, d. 19..) 23.01.1843, They had one son:
    1. Antoni Stanisław,   b.6.02.1844 - Rydzyna, d. 15.06.1909 in Munich
      Prince ANTONI STANISŁAW Sułkowski, married Countess Maria Emma Gislana de Sanchez d'Alcantara (b.1852., d. 1877) in Brussels 03.09.1872. They had two sons:
    1. Alexander,   b. 1873 - Rydzyna, d. 1905 - San Remo. He married twice, but had no children
    2. Franciszek,   b.1874, d. 1903, never married
    3. Prince Antoni Stanisław married again Josephine Schhmidt in Breslau (modern Wrocław) in 1898, but they had no children. Since his two sons predeceased him with no children, upon his death in 1909 the Rydzyna line of Princes Sułkowski ended.

    The BIELSKO Princes

    Prince FRANCIS (FRANCISZEK) Sułkowski of Bielsko, lieutenant-general of the Polish infantry, later general in the Russian army, Austrian chamberlain, inherited the Bielsko principality. He married Marianna Strzemeska in 1759, but she died in 1770 without children. He then married Judyta Maria Montbelli de Biciard (a Warsaw actress) in 1776. They had three children:
    1. Alexander Joseph,  b. 1776 in Warsaw, d. 1804. He became a major in the Austrian army but did not marry.
    2. Julia Francis,  b. 1776 in Warsaw, d. 1836.
    3. Prince JAN NEPOMUCEN,  b. 23.06.1777 in Warsaw, d. 9.11.1832 in Teresin.
      Prince JAN NEPOMUCEN Sułkowski married Baroness Louise Larisch (b. 1786, d. 3.03.1848) in 1806 in the Słupna castle at Myślowice, Silesia. They had one surviving child:
    1. Ludwik Jan Alfred,  b. 14.03.1814 in Bielsko castle, d. 18.02.1879
      Prince LUDWIK JAN Alfred Sułkowski was married three times. His first wife, Maria Harry, died in childbirth, the child did not survive.
      He married Maria Elisabeth von Dietrich (b.1823, d. 1853) in 1845. They had one son Joseph Maria  b. 2.02.1848. He was married twice but only had one daughter, who in turn had no children.
      He then went to the UnitedStates and married Maria Antonina Gemperle (b.1832, d.1875) on 3.06.1853 in Albany,NY. They had 9 children:
    1. Taida,  b. 14.12.1853 - New Bremen, USA. She married Baron Lotar Unterrichter de Rechtental in 1877 in Bielsko. They had no children.
    2. Adolf Jan,   b. 17.11.1855 - New Bremen, d. 26.12.1913 in Cracow. He married Charlotte Glass in Bielsko and they had two daughters.
    3. ALEXANDER EDMUND,   b. 8.12.1856 - New Bremen, d. 2.09.1929 in Bielsko
    4. Anna,   b.1858 - New Bremen, d. ?, no further information.
    5. Stanisław,   b. 5.06.1862.- Rohrschach, Switzerland, d. 18.01.1940 - Tresternitz, Germany
    6. Gabriela,   b.2.05.1866 - Bielsko, d. ?, married Adolf Schmeising in Ebenfurth, Germany - no further information.
    7. Wanda,   b.8.01.1868 - Bielsko, married Raimund Fugger in Vienna, no further information
    8. Edgar,   b. 8.01.1868 - Bielsko, d. 6.09.1954 - Gmunden, Germany
    9. Wiktor,   b.17.01.1870 - Bielsko, d. 23.09.1946 - Hungary
      Prince ALEXANDER EDMUND Sułkowski married Baroness Maria Moser von Ebreichsdorf (b. 1872, d. 1940) in 1890. They had 6 children:
    1. Wanda   b.1892 - Achau, Austria, d. 1948 - Bozen. married Otto Aufschnaiter 1921.
    2. ALEXANDER LUDWIG KARL,   b. 15.02.1893-Ebenfurth, d. 27.03.1956 - Leoben.
    3. Maria Theresa   b. 1894, d. ?
    4. Maria Karolina   b.1895, d ?
    5. Roman Edgar   b. 1897 Tannenmuhle, d. 1940 - Vienna.
    6. Maria Priska   b. 1902
      Prince ALEXANDER LUDWIG KARL Sułkowski married Countess Feodora Hardegg 1919, divorced ? with one daughter, Alexandra,
      then married Anna Mallinger (b.1899) in Leoben 1936.They had two children:
    1. Maria Jadwiga,   b.1938 in Vienna.
    2. ALEXANDER JOZEF,   b. 23.03.1940 in Vienna
      Prince ALEXANDER JOZEF Sułkowski, married LilianaSzczygiel 1967, then divorced. Then married Helena Rajewska 1973. Children ?.

    Descendants of some of these families are known to be living in Austria, Germany, Hungary, North America.

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