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Recommended and Favorite Sailing Areas - Antilles, Atlantic, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Grenadines, the Mediterranean, Dry Tortugas, Whitsunday Islands - for great adventures.

Table of Contents

Go to my favorite, beautiful sailing destinations and accounts of interesting voyages:

From my very first sailing days, I was always looking for interesting destinations and voyages. However, my definition of "interesting" was somewhat different than that of many of my associates. Many of them talked of marinas which provided safe and convenient docks, clean showers, and easy access to good restaurants and other amenities.

Bill Biega at the wheel For me the ideal place to spend the evening is a sheltered bay with a sandy bottom in which the anchor will dig in securely. The shore should possess a sandy beach with a pretty backdrop of trees, although a cliff or hill is acceptable. The only noise should be the rustle of wind in the leaves, the wh-o-o-sh of waves breaking on the sand and the call of birds. If there were other people or boats, they should not be too numerous or too close. That doesn't mean I object to company in the anchorage.

Conception Island On the contrary, I enjoy visiting with fellow yachties and exchanging stories over a glass of rum or wine. But I want my privacy to be respected as I would respect theirs.
During my many voyages up and down the East Coast I found many delightful anchorages. Two of them stand out in my memory. Read about them on the East Coast page.

Then go to some of the other pages for outstanding destinations (in my opinion) in other parts of the world.

RefreshingWarning: Any coordinates, or directions, given in these pages are to assist in finding the locations on charts. They should NOT be used for navigation. Always use up-to-date charts and make sure electronic aids are correctly calibrated.

I welcome any descriptions of wonderful destinations or anchorages, anywhere in the world, if you wish to send me pictures of them, all the better. Please send them to me by E-mail. Click on my name at the bottom of the page for an E-mail form.

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